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Welcome, and Thank you for your interest in Topless Auto Shop.  We have over 30 years experience in Convertible Top Repairs in Chattanooga, Convertible top Installations, Sunroof Installs and Repairs and Custom Leather Seat Cover Installations.

It is summertime and time to get that convertible top or sunroof in top working condition.

Call me to discuss your project. We have a low overhead and so we are confident we have the most competitive pricing and customer service in Chattanooga and all surrounding areas.

We take the best care of our customers.  We take pride in our work, and you will find our staff to be friendly, professional. We are experts in automotive interior and convertible tops.

Whether repairing your ole standby, or getting around to restoring your antique automobile, we at Topless Auto stand by our work and promise to provide the best  combination of service, professional installation, & inventory of quality products for the very best price. ​

We service convertible tops and sunroofs on most makes and models of Automobiles and install leather seat covers on automobiles and boats.

This site is managed and operated by James Thompson of Chattanooga, TN.  Our Shop is located at: 2425 Dayton Blvd, just near the Taco Bell at Memorial Drive ( near the duck pond). We proudly serve customers from all communities of Chattanooga including all areas of Hamilton County, Southeast Tennessee, North Georgia and Alabama.

Please feel free to call  (423) 777-5265 (CLICK TO CALL ON YOUR SMART PHONE) now to discuss your car repair needs with me, request a free quote, or fill out the web form for an email/ callback.

If you live anywhere near Chattanooga or in the surrounding like areas, we can service your needs.

Thank you and Be Blessed. James

Our Services

Convertible Top Installation

Convertible Top Installation is one of our specialties. I have installed new tops for over 30 years on classics as well as modern vehicles. When your top has expired, please give me a call for a free estimate. I will help you to choose the best solution for your situation at the best rates!

Convertible Top Repair

Often times a convertible top leak can be repaired. It depends on how the top is damaged, how long it has been leaking, and the cost of repair vs the cost of replacement. If the labor to take the top off of the vehicle, repair, and re install. At Topless Auto, we will always have your best interest at heart when it comes to Repairing Convertible Top Leaks.

Convertible Top Replacement

Sometimes Replacement is the only option. Some convertible tops can be repaired, but depending on the age of the vehicle, and the life of the materials, replacement of the convertible top is a necessity. At Topless Auto, we can replace your convertible top in style and for the best rates. Please call (423) 777-5265 for a free estimate today!

Sunroof Installation

Sunroof Installation is one of our specialties. we have installed sunroof and moonroofs for over 30 years on classics as well as modern vehicles. If you desire to add a sunroof or mooroof to your vehicle, please give me a call for a free estimate. I will help you to choose the best solution for your situation at the best rates!

Moonroof Repair

Often times a sunroof leaks or won't open or close properly. Depending on the problem, we can repair the damaged sunroof or moonroof. We weigh the cost of repair vs the cost of replacement and advise on the best way to proceed. At Topless Auto, we will always have your best interest at heart when it comes to repairing your vehicle.

Seat Cover Installation

We can order and install Leather Seat Cover sets for most automobiles and trucks. It is almost always less expensive to replace the complete interior with a factory made package of new covers than it is to repair old or worn seat covers. And it takes considerable less time and labor than creating by hand and replacing the covers from scratch.

30 years experience in Convertible Top Repair Excellence


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had a pair of seats replaced looks new , quick , reliable service
Chris Dover
Great job on my Convertible Top
Ron Ready
A great bunch of guys! They not only hooked my friend up with a great price on the work but were super nice and honest. Two thumbs up!
Kim Gordon
Got my motorcycle seat repaired here. Looks good as new, this shop is great. They do convertible tops, sunroofs, and auto interiors like seats/flooring as well as motorcycle seats!
Andy Byrd
This place is the best!! These people are wonderful!! 5 Stars to Them
Installed the repair kit that I had purchased separately from Sunroof Dr. The repair kits fix a common problem with F-150 sunroofs. The dealership wants to replace the entire assembly when it isn't needed. Check with these guys before going to the dealership and spending $2,000. 5 Stars to Them
Chad Cloer
5 Stars, professional and excellent work great price
Trever Casteel
I can't praise this business enough for their great customer service. My Hyundai sunroof exploded late Friday evening on I-75 while on vacation. James and his employees patched up the sunroof enough that I could continue on with my trip and wouldn't take any payment for their services. I don't know what we would have done without their help and their gracious service to a stranded female senior citizen late on a Friday evening. Thanks to James and his staff! 5 Stars!

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